Boney M manager approves Fox Festival

This statement is received from tour manager of Maize Williams Boney M:

Greetings of thanks to you and all your wonderful coworkers and magnificent crew who put together the fantastic FOX FESTIVAL ON SAT 27 MAY 2017 ON IT’S VIRGIN APPEARANCE ON THE FESTIVAL SCENE in Denmark

As TM (tour manager) for Maizie William’s BONEY M, I wish to thank you on behalf of the group for your invitation and splendid hospitality and the great opportunity to perform for so many enthusiastic fans male and female representing such a vast spectrum of ages.

The young people who were there embraced the music and performances with the same equal vigorous enjoyment as did the older folks, and that was amazing to witness in Markov as we have done in every place we have travelled.

The venue location was incredibly great as was the camping facility area, which was so well kept after two days of activity, and we’ll patrolled in all areas we visited by smartly dressed and extremely polite UNIFORMED security.

The catering areas were immaculate, and no litter was visible in the public areas, and the sponsors hospitality mini marques were tastefully positioned and well presented as were the public toilets areas.

Amazingly all of these showed no signs of distress having hosted the large audiences over the past days.

Particularly impressive were the Enormous dance dome and the stage area, and the sound & lighting rigs.

Needless to say, as was expected the sound coming from the sound stage was incredibly amazing and EXTREMELY exciting!

BONEY M was eager to take to the stage and perform against such amazing sound quality, and this proved to be the perfect combination as the hundreds of people and fans just went CRAZY from the first opening track HOLLIDAY TO THE LAST HIT AND WORLD WIDE NUMBER ONE “”RIVERS OF BABYLON””.

Boney M at Fox Festival – Live in Denmark. Foto: Morten Hermansen.

It was sensational to see all those folk dancing nonstop for over an hour and then demanding an encore which the group was so pleased​ to perform in another of their many hits “got to go home”

It was a great experience at this unusually great First Time Festival, and to hear and experience so many people demanding​ that we come back again soon.

Boney M live at Fox Festival 2017. Foto: Peter Kirkegaard

I do believe that this Festival concept is a sensational Jackpot Winning Formula and that the location is perfect as is the organization of FOX EXPERTS


Tour manager Maize Williams Boney M live at Fox Festival 2017. Foto: Majbritt Press




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